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Aurous HealthCareCRO offers niche clinical trial and drug research services to the pharmaceutical, herbaceutical, cosmeceutical industries.

At AHC, we recruit enthusiastic individuals who enjoy a focused learning environment along with accelerated professional development.

We offer generous employee benefits, hierarchal career growth and a flexible work environment. We pride ourselves on our unique training program that allows fresh graduates an opportunity to be mentored by seasoned Clinical Research professionals. Regular training as well as knowledge sharing opportunities is an integral part of our Organisational Development program at AHC.

We handpick and nourish individuals with outstanding interpersonal skills, niche talents of scientific expertise and offer them challenging career opportunities.

Employment verifications to be addressed ONLY to Verification from any other email address or mode of communication is to be considered fraudulent by default.

As a CRO, we encourage graduates and postgraduates of Life Sciences – Biotechnology, Bioinformations, Microbiology; Pharmacy,Nursing graduates, Paramedical graduates – physiotherapists, occupational therapists  to apply for the best possible Clinical Research career!

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