Medical Writing

Aurous HealthCare provides a wide range of medical writing services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Documentation is an integral part of drug research especially given that regulatory requirements and essentials vary from country to country.

As your trusted R & D partner, Aurous HealthCare is able to provide you the best of medical writing services for your clinical trials. Our expert medical writing team is backed by Key Opinion Leaders and Medical Experts from the field who guide and shape every document that passes through our company.

During your product development cycle, AHC plays a key role from aiding documentation from your Clinical Development Plan to Clinical Study Report. Though such services are available individually to suit client needs, we also provide a comprehensive package as part of an End to End clinical trial.

We offer Medical Writing Services not limited to…

  • Clinical Developmental Plan
  • Study Feasibility Analysis Reports
  • Disease Demographics and Monographs
  • Investigator’s Brochure
  • Clinical Study Synopsis
  • Clinical Study Protocol (New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules)
  • Clinical Investigation Plan (Medical Device Rules)
  • Patient Information Sheets and Informed Consent Document
  • Patient Diary, Medication Compliance Cards
  • Vernacular Translation of Clinical Trial Documents
  • Statistical Analysis Plan
  • Interim Data Safety Reports
  • Clinical Study Reports (ICH E3; New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules)
  • Clinical Investigation Report (Medical Device Rules)
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