Commercial positioning

Commercial Positioning refers to the process of identifying the unique value proposition of your product in a way that makes it stand out from the competition and resonate with the target audience. 

The goal of commercial positioning is to create a unique identity for your product and establish a competitive advantage in the market. The idea is to design and execute clinical trials with study designs that align with the desired product positioning while ensuring strict compliance with national and international guidelines and mandates. 

This can involve developing a marketing strategy that highlights your product’s strengths, such as its efficacy, safety profile, convenience of use, or economic value proposition.

Commercial positioning allows you to have scientific and technically credible data as the foundation of your marketing strategies. We help you leverage data and evidence from clinical trials to support your product claims and differentiate their product from competitors.

Concept to Consumer (c)

* Scientific Validation : Clinical trials provide scientific validation for the effectiveness and safety of your products. They generate empirical evidence that can support product claims and establish credibility in the market.

* Product Differentiation : Clinical trials can differentiate your product from its competitors. Positive trial results can highlight unique benefits, such as improved efficacy, better absorption, or specific health outcomes, giving the product a competitive edge.

* Consumer Confidence : Clinical trials build consumer confidence in your products. When consumers see scientific evidence of a product’s efficacy and safety, they are more likely to trust and choose that product over others.

* Regulatory Compliance : Clinical Trials help your product meet regulatory requirements both at the national and international level; showing clinical evidence for claims related to health benefits, efficacy and safety.

* Marketing and Branding : Clinical trial results can be used for marketing and branding purposes. Positive outcomes can be leveraged in promotional materials, advertisements, and packaging to communicate the product’s effectiveness and differentiate it from competitors.

* Industry Leadership : Conducting clinical trials demonstrates industry leadership and a commitment to scientific integrity. It positions your company as a trusted and responsible player in the market, setting a higher standard for product development and quality.

* Internationally Compliant Clinical Study Report : Aurous HealthCare CRO provides internationally compliant Clinical Study Reports which contain Statistical Analysis data analysed using SAS. This is valid across all regulatory of the world.

* Specifically Designed Assessment aimed at Product Placement :  We use scientifically validated gold standard assessments to evaluate the efficacy and safety of your product. Upon your request we also specifically design assessments that aim at assessing product satisfaction. This could be used as validated tools of marketing to boost the claims of your product. 

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